Bethenny Frankel Is Raising a Foodie! How You Can, Too!

bethenny frankel
Bethenny Frankel is raising a foodie

Will your kids eat anything? Or are you raising a picky eater?

Bethenny Frankel was bragging about her daughter Bryn, who ate Indian and Mediterranean this week, plus pasta with veggies and tomatoes tonight. “She’s a foodie” Bethenny tweeted.

How do you get your child to be a foodie like Bethenny’s?

Someone suggested to Bethenny on twitter that they heard that the wider variety of foods you eat while nursing will mean that your child will eat a variety when they grow old and she said she believes it.

That may be true. But, it also has a lot to do with what variety you expose your children to on a daily basis after breastfeeding is over. If your child gets used to see a variety of foods, they will be more likely to try them.

So, yes, Bethenny’s daughter eats a wide variety of food, but she’s also used to being exposed to different types of foods.

Do you have a foodie who will eat anything or are your kids picky eaters?

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