Bethenny Frankel: Motherhood Is All Consuming


Having a baby, which Bethenny Frankel calls “pure love,” means that life is now about your offspring, not just yourself. How it completely consumes every aspect of life is a shock to many new moms, Frankel included. “I really didn’t understand how every minute of the day is really about the baby,” she says. “It’s crying, she has to burp, it’s every millisecond — so I wasn’t really grasping that. I don’t know how women do it who have several kids.”

In her usual style of over-sharing, Frankel also discussed Bryn’s recent bout with constipation as well as her plans for a second honeymoon.

“Babies, they’re not much for a routine. It’s not like a mechanical doll. It’s a baby. If she hasn’t pooped in two days and I have to stick a Q-Tipp up her butt, it’s not a routine. What are you going to do? Not to give too much information, but that’s what happened.”

And on another getaway with husband Jason Hoppy: They’d like “a second honeymoon at the Montauk Yacht Club — well, we’re going to try,” says Frankel. “The combination of my business and the baby and Jason’s work, we’re falling short. Well, I’m falling short with him in that department. Note to self: something to improve!”

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