Bethenny Frankel OCD? Tweets About Need to Plan Bryn's Outfits For the Week

Bethenny Frankel ocd baby Bryn twitter tweet
Bethenny Frankel and Bryn!

Oh, Bethenny Frankel, we love you and your Twitter updates!

The latest? Bethenny Frankel admits she may have a touch of OCD because she plans Bryn’s outfits for the next week!

Bethenny tweets: “I wake up every day&plan bryn’s outfits for the week.they grow&seasons change so I want her to wear everything!OCD!”

Maybe not so much OCD… that makes a lot of sense when kids grow so quickly. Ever have outfits in their drawer that they outgrow before they even get to wear them? Or you forget about a certain outfit, only to discover it when it’s out of season?

One Bethenny fan summed it up well: “it is sad when you have outfits you can not wait for them to wear and then they grow out of it. joys of having a little girl.”

Frankel agreed, tweeting: “Exactly,so I still have her in summer dresses bc I refuse to waste beautiful clothes.then I’ll donate!”

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter


As one of Babble’s 50 Best-Dressed Celeb Moms, Bethenny knows what she’s talking about!

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