Bethenny Frankel On Her Brutal Childhood & Making a Better Life for Baby Bryn

Bethenny Frankel Making a Better Life for Baby Bryn

One of the things people can do with the past? They can learn from it and make sure not to make the same mistakes that their parents did. And that’s one very powerful thing that reality star, chef and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel can learn from her very unhappy childhood…she can make sure she what she went through when she was a child doesn’t happen to her daughter Bryn.

Bethenny Frankel spoke very frankly with Piers Morgan this week about her “brutal” childhood. She said although she :could have come up from a much worse upbringing,” she said there was a “lack of parenting.”

“It wasn’t easy; it was brutal,” she told Piers Morgan, she added that her childhood still has a major affect on her relationships today. “It is difficult, and it affects me and my life and my relationships now. It has come with me my whole life, the childhood that I’ve had, the lack of parenting.”

How bad was her childhood? “Alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights” she said was a reality in her childhood home. Her mom, she claimed, was a bulimic and had issues with alcohol.  In turn she said it became her “nature to run from relationships because I’ve never seen a good one so instead (now) I intervene, I stay in relationships, and I work on my relationship with my husband, and I go to therapy,” she said. “Breaking the chain is just about deciding the life you want to have, going forward, saying, ‘I can have the life I want it to be.'”

And this life includes making a good and loving home for her own family and her daughter Bryn.

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