Bethenny Frankel On More Kids, Moving To The 'Burbs


Bethenny is letting loose on her on blog for Bethenny Getting Married. And dare I say it, she sounds almost domesticated!

Bethenny just popped out baby Bryn, but already Jason wants another one. “Jason really wants more children which currently gives me anxiety. However, if we decide to go that route, we’re not getting any younger. Isn’t it always something? It’s tricky because I’m not going to let a timeline or ticking clock make me do something I’m not ready to do. Cheers to all of you mothers: it is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.”

That’s above and beyond anything having to do with margaritas or best sellers. Her message for moms: “You always ask me about how to start and run a business. All of you who have children and are successful at it could do anything to set your mind to.”

More babies would mean a possible move. Take it from someone that lives in NY, it’s hard having kids. Juggling strollers and hands and bodies and diaper bags on the subway while simultaneously being pushed and trying to steer clear of panhandlers is no ride in the minivan.

Bethenny clearly feels the same. “I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of living in the suburbs. I’m way more boring than people think. I like land and quiet and privacy.”

Real Housewives of the Countryside?  I’d watch Bethenny trying to cope with life on a farm. You?


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