Bethenny Frankel on The View Battles Omarosa & Momarexic Jabs


bethenny frankel on the viewOmarosa with Bethenny Frankel on The View

Bethenny Frankel on The View yesterday set off one of the most surprising mom-fights in recent TV history. The Bethenny Frankel—Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth battle is especially catty because though it involves mom issues, one of the two antagonists (hello, Omarosa!) has never had kids. So what makes her an expert? Need the rundown of what happened? We’ve got it.

Bethenny bristled when the View ladies compared her career in reality TV to Omarosa’s, and the way both women have used reality shows to get famous. That’s a surprising comparison to me, and it took Bethenny by surprise as well. “She used it to be infamous,” said Bethenny. “I have a real career. I have a brand, I have a very popular cocktail, I have two New York Times bestsellers, I have my own show.”

Omarosa fought back almost immediately, blasting Bethenny on Shocked? Of course not. If we know one thing about Oma, its that she’s a fighter. What’s so shocking is one of the battles she chose for this war. She told Perez:

“I have never once said a bad word about her or all of the rumor swirling around about Jason and his sexuality – EVERYONE knows he’s gay but we never said anything- because she was HAPPY. When she got a tummy tuck with her c-section after the baby and pretended that she just LOST the baby weight NATURALLY – none of us said anything because she was happy. But now that she is hurling insults at EVERYONE including her Real Housewives cast mates and people like me who have always had her back- the gloves are off.”

I’m not going to deal with the Jason-Hoppy-gay allegation. I mean, unless Omarosa has firsthand knowledge about this, it’s a a bogus, low blow. What disturbed me was Omarosa’s anger at Bethenny losing her baby weight so fast. You know what? It was fast. But that happens. I’ve seen friends fit back into their old clothes in a month. Does it make me jealous? Yes. Do I accuse them of having tummy tucks? Nope. Because all women’s bodies are different, and all react to pregnancy differently. It’s especially disturbing to see Omarosa, a woman who has never had kids, judging the postpartum body of a woman who just did. 

Bethenny herself spoke on The View about her uber-fast weight loss and critics’ “momarexic” allegations. “I was healthy before during and after,” she said of her pregnancy. “Most of [the weight] came off in the hospital. I had a c-section, I didn’t eat for three days.” Huh, I believe her. And trust me, Omarosa, there’s a big difference between a c-section and a tummy tuck.


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