Bethenny Frankel Planning to Have Another Baby, Doesn't Know When

Bethenny Frankel baby pregnant
Will Bethenny Frankel get pregnant soon?

Bethenny Frankel has babies on the brain for sure, it’s just a matter of timing.

Frankel shares that she plans to get pregnant at some point in the near future, citing her age as a reason to jump on it, but also noting that she’s enjoying her time with baby Bryn for now.

Bethenny tells, “Jason [Hoppy] keeps asking when we want to start ‘trying.'”

Frankel adds, “We are planning on it! If I was 26, I would wait a whole lot longer but we don’t have time on our side.”

Bethenny, who is 40, said that she “would love to have another baby, I just don’t know when.”

Seems life is mega busy for Frankel these days anyway… I can’t imagine adding another baby into the mix right now.

For now, Frankel says, “We’re enjoying having Bryn so much.”

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter

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