Bethenny Frankel Proves Shes Still a Skinny Girl (Photos)

Bethenny Frankel Always the Skinny Girl

She may not be a “Real Housewife” anymore but one label that is still sticking on Bethenny Frankel? That of “Skinny Girl”. The woman behind the liquor and cleanse company Skinny Girl proves that this is the perfect name for her company because she herself is so thin!

On the way to an appearance on Good Morning America the mom of Bryn was spotted wearing an over-sized sweater, biker boots and a pair of tight tight pants that really accented how thin she is.  And the bag? We love that!

Check out photos of Bethenny skinny legs and all right here!

  • Bethenny Frankel – Skinny Legs and All 1 of 5
    Bethenny Frankel - Skinny Legs and All
    Even while wearing a bulky sweater, her skinniness still shines through
  • Bethenny is Winter Hues 2 of 5
    Bethenny is Winter Hues
    She usually goes for a bright red, but today she dressed in subdued winter hues.
  • All smiles 3 of 5
    All smiles
    She was all smiles on this winter morning.
  • A Wave for the Cameras 4 of 5
    A Wave for the Cameras
    Bethenny gives a wave to the paparazzi - but she's used to them by now.
  • Love Her Bag! 5 of 5
    Love Her Bag!
    Lots of storage for a mom on the go!