Bethenny Frankel Spends A Night Without Bryn

bethenny, bethenny ever after
Bethenny poses with her dog Cookie!

Ever wonder what Bethenny Frankel does during her free time? You know, the very little amount of time where she puts baby Bryn to sleep. Well, now we have the answers thanks to her twitter account.

Just a little while ago, Bethenny tweeted this message, “What’s everyone doing tonight?cookie myself&jason are having a picnic in bed.bryn is sound asleep.”

A picnic in bed sounds like a great idea. Well, it did until Bethenny added this, “Why is jason torturing me and making me watch the “silence of the lambs” sequel w julianne moore?”

Perhaps Bethenny isn’t a fan of scary movies or just really bad sequels. But either way, Bryn will be up in a short amount of hours so let’s hope mom and dad get a good amount of sleep because it all starts over again bright and early!

What do you do on your time off from the kids?

[Photo via PR Photos.]

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