Bethenny Frankel To Adopt Second Child?

Bethenny Frankel and Mario Lopez

Millionaire mom Bethenny Frankel is one busy and devoted mother to her 18-month-old daughter Bryn, and now it looks like the reality television star might be adding to her family.

According to In Touch Weekly, Bethenny wants to give her daughter a sibling and is considering adoption.

The 41-year-old tells the magazine, “I’m getting up there, especially for getting pregnant,” adding, “I am also open to adoption.”

And while she is actively trying to get pregnant, in case the plan fails, she says she’ll adopt, pointing out that it will give her “the freedom of not worrying about my age and the ability to give a child a home.”

What do you think of Bethenny’s approach to pregnancy and adoption over the age of 40?  It sounds pretty responsible and realistic, compared to another mom whose uterus is currently begging to be rescued.

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