Bethenny Frankel Tweets Bryn First: She's Walking!

Bethenny Frankel baby bryn sick walking first steps
Bethenny Frankel with baby Bryn

Bethenny Frankel has been sharing plenty of baby Bryn’s firsts and today she had a new one – Bryn is walking!!

Bethenny tweeted: “Bryn is feeling better and she took ELEVEN steps. Noted: july 2, bryn casey hoppy walks!”

Frankel has also been sharing that Bryn hasn’t been feeling well – she had a fever for a few days and mama Bethenny gave Bryn her undivided attention.

Bethenny tweeted today: “Bryn is a lil better.I haven’t slept for 2 days. went to yoga while she napped. between stress,travel&this, I really needed it.I’m a pretzel”

Last night, things weren’t so easy for Bethenny: “Worst night I can remember. Bryn is hysterical&never cries. This is why I want to help babies who really need it.So upset.”

Earlier in the evening, she tweeted the photo above with this note: “Baby bryn sleeps with mommy tonight”

Seems Bryn had an ear infection and fever, as Bethenny shared, “I have done nothing but snug my bumble bee for 2 days. She never cries&she’s so sad&has fever&ear infection.I’m a wreck”

When Bryn first got sick, Bethenny shared that she was giving “Snugs n love all day,” adding, “Puts it all in perspective.”

I totally remember having those drop-everything-and-snuggle days when my kids were sick.

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter

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