Bethenny Frankel Tweets Bryn's First Words, Cute Photo of Bethenny, Bryn in Playpen!

Bethenny Frankel Twitter baby Bryn playpen photo
Bethenny Frankel and Baby Bryn in the playpen!

Bethenny Frankel continues to share more about baby Bryn – this time, she’s telling fans about Bryn’s first words!

Bethenny shared with fans: “Bryn’s 3rd word is “hi” 1st was “mom” 2nd was “wow.””

When one of Bethenny’s followers commented that they wondered if “dadda” was coming soon, Frankel responded: “She’s a mommy’s girl.she cries every time I walk away. we spend all day together!”

Frankel also shared a playtime photo of her with Bryn (apparently, her dog spends time in the playpen too!), tweeting: “Me,cookie and bryn are all inside this tiny playpen.” Bethenny added, “I spend my whole day in this little play pen. finally I’ve been locked up.”

So cute!

You can check out some of the other Bryn happenings that Bethenny has shared on Twitter – including other Bryn firsts and photos of Bryn’s first birthday.

I love that Bethenny is so open with her fans and is definitely one proud mama!

Nice Shrek ears, by the way!

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