Bethenny Frankel Twitter: Bryn Sleeps 12 - 13 Hours a Night!

Bethenny Frankel baby Bryn sleeping
Bethenny Frankel's daughter Bryn is a good sleeper!

Bethenny Frankel is richer than rich and has a baby that sleeps 12 or 13 hours a night. Jealous?!

Bethenny is sharing details about baby Bryn on Twitter once again, this time dishing on her little tyke’s ability to sleep long stretches every night. And she’s not an early riser, either!

Frankel tweets: “Bryn is bed at 8&sleeps til 8 or 9 every day.jason&i r waiting for her to start our day.”

Then Bethenny shared a TwitPic of her and husband Jason snuggled in bed together, with a tweet: “We lie awake waiting for the princess to make a move so we can start our day!”  Sounds dreamy!

Bethenny Frankel’s baby Bryn is just a little over a year old now, so better sleeping habits are expected, but my kids have always been super early risers, even now – at ages 8 and 10!

Do your little ones sleep all night – and sleep in? What are your tricks to getting them to sleep through the night?

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter

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