Bethenny Frankel Will Do Things Differently Than Her Own Mom


Bethenny Frankel has always been extremely candid about her relationships–or lack-there-of–with her parents. She reconciled with her father just shortly before he passed away, and didn’t even invite her mother to the nuptials between her and hubby Jason Hoppy.

Now that Frankel, the star of Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married?, has a daughter of her own, she’s thinking about how she’ll go about that tricky mother-daughter relationship. One thing is for sure: She doesn’t plan on doing anything the way her mother did it. “This is my experience,” she told “I can do it completely differently.”

Frankel stressed that her own relationship with her estranged mother has affected the way she thinks about her bond with new baby Bryn. Frankel’s childhood experience has made her more devoted to having a different life with Bryn; one that she can be proud of. ” This is my new life with my husband and I’m realizing what love should actually be and what a relationship should be and what love is,” she said.

As for reconciling with her own mother, Frankel hasn’t even placed that in the realm of possibilities, stating that she doesn’t even think about that. “I have no idea. I mean, it’s a long life and right now it’s all about the positive and the future.”

Looks like Frankel is dead set on having a positive relationship with daughter Bryn and hubby Jason–and we wish her well.


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