Bethenny Frankel's Baby Bryn Has a Cold: What Did Bethenny Confess They're Doing?

Bethenny Frankel and Baby Bryn

All of us moms, we’ve been there. Taking care of a sick kids in not fun but it’s one of those important mommy moments. That is when our little ones really need us the most. And it’s not just you and me whose children get a bug here and a virus there, celebrity kids are not immune and they get just as sick as our kids. One celebrity baby who is feeling under the weather right now? Bethenny Frankel‘s daughter Bryn. Bethenny tweeted:

“My poor bumble bee has a cold.staying in bed all day w her&watching cartoons the whole day(we never watch tv).snugs&hugs.” Yes, she may avoid TV on a regular basis, but sometimes having your child watch TV is the only way to force them to rest and relax.

Do you rely on TV when your child is sick?

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