Bethenny Frankel's Baby Won't Follow in Her Footsteps


Bethenny Frankel knows one thing her daughter won’t do in life, if she can help it. Frankel has no interest in seeing two-month-old daughter Bryn becoming a reality star. Even though Frankel propelled herself into the spotlight and gained lots of fame and personal success through the reality shows The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? , it’s not something she wants for her little one.

While talking about the idea at the East Harlem Target store opening on Tuesday, she referred to the idea of Bryn becoming famous in the reality world “traumatizing. She even went as far to joke, “I will kill somebody. Not her, but I will kill somebody.”

Though Frankel toyed with the idea of a more honest, positive show like her more recent reality venture, she quickly threw even that idea out and decided, if she has anything to do with it, Bryn will not follow mom’s small screen footsteps.

“By the time she grows up, there won’t even be reality shows.” Well, we’re not so sure about that, but we are interested to see whether or not Frankel can keep her daughter–who may very well be in high-demand among producers and fans–from doing the reality TV thing.

Right now, though, Frankel seems content to focus on life at home with her daughter and husband, Jason Hoppy, who spoils her endlessly. “He always sends me flowers, writes me cards, tells me he loves me and wants to snuggle with me,” she said. “He has exceeded my expectations as a father, and they were pretty high expectations.”


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