Bethenny Frankel's Final Blog: What She's Learned So Far About Motherhood


Bethenny Frankel is retiring from her mommy blogging duties, but not before letting readers know some of the most important lessons she’s learned thus far. The chef, cookbook author, and star of both The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? has been blogging on about the trials and tribulations of taking care of a new baby (with a brand new husband, too!).

In her final blog, she summed up some of her newly learned tips for new moms–admitting that she was absolutely clueless when she and husband Jason Hoppy first brought daughter Bryn home.

First on Frankel’s list of important things to know as a mother is that you don’t need a lavish nursery or other fun extras to take care of your new baby. “At first Bryn’s nursery was bare, but little did I know that a baby could sleep in a shoebox if necessary,” she wrote. Frankel pointed out that babies can sleep in a bassinet for several weeks before a crib is even necessary. And as for changing Bryn, apparently Frankel and Hoppy used a shelf to change their baby’s diapers at first before getting an actual changing table.

What else did Frankel find important to note? For one, that she’s super happy she chose to breastfeed. “That has been the greatest challenge and reward,” the new mom said. Though she urged moms not to stress out about it too much, or to feel pressured to do so, she admitted that she would’ve regretted not breastfeeding Bryn.

And aside from letting Bryn get used to mom and dad, Frankel’s dog Cookie was another member of the family crucial in Bryn’s home integration. Fortunately for everyone involved, Cookie–who was often shown on Bethenny Getting Married? as somewhat hyperactive–has responded to the baby well. “She has been so calm and gentle with Bryn. However, she has been hyper vigilant with everyone else though, which presents a new problem.”

Though her blogging may be done for now, Frankel will still have lots on her plate when it comes to new mommy-hood. Who knows, maybe she’ll impart some more wisdom in a few more months.


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