Bethenny Frankel's Jumpsuit: Love It Or Hate It?

Bethenny Frankel

Ok, I was totally hating on Bethenny Frankel earlier today for her supposedly calculated move of revealing that she suffered a miscarriage on the same day that her show, Bethenny Ever After, has it’s season premiere, but I’m now going to take a few steps back here.

The celebrity mom just tweeted a photo of herself in a killer strapless black jumpsuit and to quote The Rachel Zoe: I. Die.

While I had a hard time paying attention to her season premiere (in between blogging, checking my Facebook and doing away with a tub of Valentine’s Day cupcake icing leftovers. Don’t judge.), with all the moaning, complaining, and maybe-lies, I will say Bethenny is looking her best these days. And not just in the hair and makeup department, but with her wardrobe, too. This jumpsuit with the front zipper wins me over. A+!

What do you think? Isn’t Bethenny looking her best these days? And what did you think of her show?


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