Bethenny Frankel's Secret To Her Post Baby Body - Eat Nothing!


Bethenny FrankelOnce again showing the average woman that celebrities are anything but average, Bethenny Frankel posed in a bikini for Life & Style on 3 months after having her daughter looking incredible! At a time when most women are struggling to wear their pre-pregnancy pants, Bethenny is looking better than ever!

Unfortunately she sends a terrible message to those struggling with those post-partum pounds. In her interview with the magazine, she says that the secret to losing that pesky baby weight is to “taste everything, eat nothing.”

Taking a page out of Gisele Bundchen’s book, who famously stated that “I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals”, Frankel stated that. “I’ve really been eating, just not like a crazy person.”

Well good news ladies, as long as you starve yourself you, too, can be bikini ready only 3 short months after giving birth.

While I find her honesty refreshing, I also find it a sad commentary on our society that we would rather starve ourselves to fit into a bikini than concentrate on eating healthy and enjoying food in moderation and taking more time, post-baby, to take the weight off.

What do you think about Bethenny’s comments?

Source: The Huffington Post, Life & Style