Bethenny Frankel's Wedding Planner Dishes On Her 'I Do' (Video)


On last night’s episode of Bethenny Getting Married? we finally got the answer we already knew to that little question mark on the title. She did get married! And it was beautiful.

New York-based wedding planner Shawn Rabideau was able to pull the whole thing together in just four weeks. “I’ve never planned a wedding in four weeks, so I think short of putting Dixie cups on the table, I think we did a fabulous job,” he tells

But what about her meltdown in the hair salon? Many a lesser-planner would have walked out. I would have. Shawn however, compares it to Harry Potter. Huh?

“I equated being in the hair salon to Bethenny being like a Dementor from ‘Harry Potter.’ You know those specters that suck the life out of you? I felt beat down and for a fleeting, like, half a second, I thought about saying “forget it.” But, you know what? I wasn’t giving up and I knew I could do this and I was going to work my butt off and do an amazing job.”

Bethenny was married at the uber-posh Four Season’s hotel. Everyone knows how hard it is to book a popular venue, some having wait lists that are over a year. Yet Shawn was able to secure the spot by pure nagging. He called 20 times a day begging. He’s not sure why they said yes, though having it televised probably had something to do with it.

And as for that moment where Bethenny, pregnant and unable to hold her bladder and undo her dress, pees in a bucket? Shawn loved it! “I was there, so I was very much aware of what was happening at that particular moment. Which is why I love doing weddings — they are so unpredictable.”