Bethenny is Back! Gets Her OWN Daytime Talk Show - What Will It Be Like?

Bethenny is Back!

Bethenny Frankel is back! And not in a personal ‘overshare’ capacity of yet another reality TV show. This time Bethenny will be trying to get other people to overshare…her guests on her very own daytime talk show on Fox.

What did Bethenny say about her new show and what will it be like?


On her website she said, “I have exciting news for you guys!  The queen of too much information is coming to DAYTIME! It is going to be an exciting journey and I can’t wait for you to join me. Thanks for being so loyal and supportive, without you, this wouldn’t be happening.  See you all this summer on Fox!”

The show has some pretty powerful backers with Warner Brothers and Ellen DeGeneres behind her move to daytime.  Bethenny’s show will be an hour entertainment talk show featuring Bethenny’s “no-nonsense perspective on everything from pop culture to current events to relationships.”  She’ll also cover , beauty, fitness and lifestyle segments and I’m sure a far amount of parenting topics since she’s a mom and all.

Will you tune in?

Image: Bethenny’s Website

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