Bettany Boys: Paul Bettany and His Son Go For a Walk (Photos)

Paul Bettany and boys

Paul Bettany and his son Stellan were spotted going for a walk in New York City with friends.

Bettany’s wife, actress Jennifer Connelly, recently gave birth to a baby girl – Agnes Lark, born in June.

Bettany and Connelly have three children: Stellan, 8, and Kai, 14, and a baby girl.

The family lives in Manhattan’s Tribeca.

The Broken Lines star and Connelly have a strong relationship when it comes to “Hollywood marriages”.

See the pics of the troupe after the jump.

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    Paul Bettany
    Paul Bettany walks in Tribeca with his son Stellan and friends.
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    Paul Bettany
    Jennifer Connelly gave birth to a baby girl in late May.
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    Paul Bettany
    Bettany and Connelly live in Tribeca with their children.
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    Bettany boys
    Strolling in the streets of Tribeca.
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    Paul Bettany
    Son Kai is now 14 (not pictured here) is Connelly's son from her relationship with David Dugan.
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    Paul Bettany
    Jennifer gave birth to Agnes Lark on May 31, 2011.



Jennifer Connelly is a celeb mom famed for her brains and beauty!