Better Than Revenge Lyrics: Taylor Swift Disses Joe Jonas' Ex!

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Better Than Revenge lyrics: Taylor Swift disses Camilla Belle!

Most teenagers pour out their hearts in their diary. Not a certain teen country star she puts her heart into her songs, and if you believe the “Better Than Revenge” lyrics, Taylor Swift still hasn’t gotten over her infamous breakup with Joe Jonas!  The words to the song on her new album, “”Speak Now,” are downright biting. She accuses the girl in “Revenge” of being “better known for the things that she does on the mattress.” Um, ouch!!

The target of her ire is rumored to be Camilla Belle, the “Push,” “10,000 BC” and “When a Stranger Calls” actress who dated Joe Jonas after he broke up with Swift. In fact, Swift seemed to believe, when they broke up two years ago, that Jonas had been cheating on her with Belle for months.

As anyone should now know, you don’t break up with Swift and expect the relationship to just fade away. As she sings in “Revenge,”  “Don’t you know I always get the last word?”

So what do you think should Taylor be airing her dirty laundry on an album? Is this really therapeutic?


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