Betty White: Sandra Bullock Superfan


Betty White, comeback maven of the year, has just confessed her respect for Sandra Bullock, comeback maven of the week. It’s a lovefest worth noting, mostly because White is so AWESOME—and so smart in her Bullock assessment. 

In the new Time 100 issue, documenting the 100 people who most affect our world, White gushes about Bullock, her The Proposal co-star. “She puts you at ease; there’s no movie star there at all. Well, she happens to be a bit beautiful, I’ll grant, and a bit built, but the human being inside all that gorgeousness is just a delight,” White writes. “She’s been labeled America’s Sweetheart, which sounds soft and sweet. Sandra is both of those things, but she also has a strength of her own.”

It’s a gorgeous, generous assessment, one that make me even happier about Sandra’s newfound family, her Blindside Oscar, and hopefully her road to peace with the entire Jesse James escapade.

As for the recent turn of Bullock events (adoption and divorce), White tactfully told reporters yesterday, “I love her dearly and her personal life is her business.” Spoken with true class.


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