Beware of Searching for These Celeb Parents Online: Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise


Did you find this story because you did an online search for Jessica Biel or Cameron Diaz? Well, consider yourself lucky you wound up here. Because those are the “most dangerous” celebrities you can search for online to wind up on a site that could infect your computer with a virus that would allow criminals to hack into your private information. (Hopefully Justin Timberlake doesn’t routinely Google his love interests.) I’m surprised by the list of celebrity names –I would have thought they would be celebs with illicit tapes and such. But most of them are stable parents and as American as apple pie. As American as apple pie and getting ripped off online. So who else is considered “dangerous” in terms of searching?

Julia Roberts; Gisele Bundchen (and I thought only her breastfeeding views were dangerous); Brad Pitt; Adriana Lima; Jennifer Love Hewitt; Nicole Kidman; Tom Cruise; Heidi Klum; Penelope Cruz; and Anna Paquin.

So how do you know if your computer has contracted a virus? Here are some signs:

Some symptoms of a virus infection are:

– Your computer displays strange messages, plays music, or shows odd graphic displays.
– Your computer takes longer to boot up, operates more slowly than usual, and takes longer to start programs.
– Your computer has much less memory or hard drive space available.


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