Beyonce 8 Months Pregnant? New Video Fuels Beyonce Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors Countdown video due date
Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors suface again

A new video of Beyonce, in which she states the date is September 23 and she’s six months pregnant, has the old fake pregnancy rumors surfacing again.

Beyonce seems to be sharing some conflicting information, as it was believed she is due in February, but this video suggests her due date is in December.

The newly released video features Beyonce on the set of her “Countdown” music video, mocking a tabloid cover report of her pregnancy and showing off a side view of her baby bump. 

So… this would mean that Beyonce is now eight months pregnant?

The Beyonce conspiracy theorists, who tried to prove that Beyonce was wearing a prosthetic baby bump and faking her pregnancy, are riled up again.

Beyonce had told an Australian journalist that her due date was in February, right?

And now we have this head scratcher of a video… is this a pregnancy hoax or what?


Those following Bey’s pregnancy closely note that she never confirmed herself that she was due in February, it was just reported that way by an Australian interviewer.

The new Beyonce video is from her “Elements of 4″ DVD, being released on Tuesday.