Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Keeping More Secrets: The Gender Of Their Baby (Photos)

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Beyonce shows off her baby bump!

As if their pregnancy wasn’t mysterious enough, Beyonce and Jay-Z are keeping their baby’s gender a secret!

“Yeah they know what they’re having,” grandma Tina Knowles told Life & Style at the Angel Ball in New York City on Monday (October 17). “But I’m not telling!” Although Tina remained mum on the gender of the baby, she did reveal that her daughter had morning sickness. “She went through it, but she’s got past it now,” she said. “She’s doing really good. She’s busy.”

And what are Beyonce’s food cravings? “She’s craving waffles,” Tina said. “The normal just wanting to eat!”

Tina has no doubt that Beyonce will be an extraordinary mom. “She’s going to be an awesome mom,” she gushed. “I think it will slow her down somewhat, but I think she’ll be the same great person she’s been.”

Rumors have been rumbling that the parents-to-be are expecting a girl, but we’ll have to wait until the birth to confirm this news.

Below, take a look at Beyonce’s pregnancy thus far!

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    Beyonce showed off her baby bump on Monday (Oct. 17).
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    Beyonce has been accused of using a prosthetic bump.
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    Rumors say that she has a surrogate carrying her child.
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    Beyonce and Jay-Z know the gender of their baby.
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    Even Solange Knowles knows!
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    Rumors say they are having a girl!
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    A close family member ordered Louboutin booties in pink!
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    Beyonce's rep shot down "fake" baby bump rumors.
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    What do you think? Is Beyonce carrying a fake baby bump?
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    Where's the baby bump here?

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