Beyonce And Jay-Z Spend $200K on Blue Ivys Birthday: Ridiculous Or Well-Deserved?


A few years ago my 5-year-old daughter got her very first Barbie doll for her birthday. It was a Scuba Diving Barbie, complete with its own scuba diving gear, bikini, and her that changes color when you dip it underwater. I’m sure it didn’t cost more than $14 and my daughter had oodles of fun playing with it. In fact, she had so much fun that she one day decided to take one of my pens and draw all over the doll’s face and legs. She later explained that she was giving the doll a special “face paint” like she gets at our local carnivals.

Now, Beyonce and Jay-Z also allegedly got their daughter Blue Ivy a Barbie doll for her first birthday, but according to some gossip sites, the doll cost a whopping $80,000. Oh yes. Here’s what we’re reading:

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z treated daughter Blue Ivy Carter to a £50,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie for her first birthday, it’s been reported.”¨”¨The specially customized doll is said to feature 160 diamonds, in addition to white gold jewelry.”¨”¨The Sun reports that for their daughter’s first birthday earlier this week the couple hosted a party in New York that included £60,000 of white and pink roses.

So, could you imagine Blue Ivy giving her $80,000 Barbie Doll customized “face painting?” It could happen, but I doubt that the little girl is even allowed to play with it. In fact, I hope she isn’t playing with it because I myself would be scared to even touch a doll that was worth more than my two family cars combined. I mean, what’s the point? Half the time our kids prefer playing with the wrapping paper than the actual toy.

What do you think, Babble readers? Is spending such a huge amount of money on lavish gifts ridiculous or in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s case, well-deserved?

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