Beyonce And Jay-Z Spoil Solange's Son


beyonce-jay-z-not-pregnant-no-kids-300x300Beyonce… always the babysitter, never the expectant mother. Oh well, I guess we can put aside the celebrity parenting fantasy that is ‘Beyonce the mom‘ for a moment to focus on ‘Beyonce the aunt.’

According to sister Solange, her 5-year-old son, Daniel, can’t get enough of aunt Beyonce and uncle Jay-Z — because they totally spoil him.

Not only is Beyonce a very adept babysitter, according to her sister (who’s probably the most likely to be over-critical of Beyonce’s skillz), but she actually requests her favorite nephew more often that Solange is willing to loan him out. Says Solange:

“Beyonce’s very hands-on,” said Solange. “I’ve had two weekends where I’ve been able to hand him over, and it’s been very nerve-racking for me, but she does a great job… They actually request him more than I’m willing to give him.”

Apparently, the babysitting situation is great for everyone involved, especially Daniel, who gets to stay up extra late when he sleeps over with Beyonce and Jay-Z. According to Solange:

“But the bedtimes we got to work on. Sometimes I’ll call expecting him to be asleep, but he’s still up!”