Beyonce and Jay-Z's Fetus Tweets Funny Quips

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Beyonce's baby is sending out some hilarious tweets.

As many of you already know, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fetus is already hard at work tweeting up a storm of funny quips. But it’s his latest set of tweets that have us literally rolling on the floor laughing – and I don’t say that much.

On September 17, the fetus tweeted, “What’s it like in Beyonce’s womb? Like that vacation you will never afford.”

She later said this, “We walked the House of Dereon Fashion Show in London. Apologies for hiding behind mom’s glitter curtain.”

And even funnier ones soon followed with, “Thjds umbilical cord keeps gettingxs insd the wayslk,” “Suri must be freaking out that I’m on the way. Sorry.,” and “Grandpa Matthew is trying to sign me as a client already. How am I even supposed to get a pen in here.”

To check out the full account, click here.

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]

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