Beyonce Baby Bump: 7 Ways She Can Dress it Up for Halloween! (Photos)

What Should Beyonce Be for Halloween?

Deciding on a Halloween costume is always a challenge, but if you add in the factor of a great big pregnant belly, well your choices suddenly become far more limited. But if you find yourself pregnant around Halloween, it’s just something you have to address in your dress.

This Halloween Beyonce will be midway through her pregnancy, so how will she dress up her baby bump this year? Here are seven maternity Halloween costumes ideas for the one and only Beyonce. Which one do you think would be best for Miss Sasha Fierce?

  • A Bun in the Oven 1 of 7
    A Bun in the Oven
    This one is more goofy than Sasha Fierce, but still fun.
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  • An American Indian 2 of 7
    An American Indian
    This almost looks like something she would wear regularly!
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  • The Devil 3 of 7
    The Devil
    Beyonce just seems so sweet, this would end up just being ironic.
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  • A Pirate 4 of 7
    A Pirate
    You can't go wrong with a pirate costume!
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  • Exotic Indian Costume 5 of 7
    Exotic Indian Costume
    Not only is a sari pretty but it's comfy!
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  • A Fairy 6 of 7
    A Fairy
    Yeah, that would be pretty darn adorable on Beyonce.
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  • Dorthy 7 of 7
    I could totally picture Beyonce in this outfit!
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Photo: Pr Photos