Beyonce Fake Baby Bump: Her Rep Addresses Beyonce Pregnancy Hoax Rumors

Beyonce fake pregnant prosthetic baby bump hoax
Is Beyonce wearing a fake baby bump? Hoax or Not?

Beyonce fake baby bump rumors have been rampant, since it appeared that Beyonce may have been wearing a prosthetic baby bump during an interview on Australia’s Sunday Night HD.

Is there a Beyonce pregnancy hoax going on here? Or have conspiracy theorists just let some lighting and/or maternity dress slouch get the best of their imaginations?

Beyonce’s rep has responded to the Beyonce fake baby bump rumors and has this to say…

Yvette Noel-Schure, Beyonce’s publicist, says the rumors of a prosthetic baby bump are not true, telling E! Online that the fake pregnancy buzz is “foolish.”

Well, we could have told you that.

Why would Beyonce lie about being pregnant and put on a full show with a prosthetic baby bump?

Of course, rumors started flying that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a surrogate, but Beyonce would keep up the facade of a pregnancy.

Did you believe Beyonce was faking her pregnancy?


If Beyonce wanted to hide her bump, she could have taken tips from these celeb moms.