Beyonce Fake Baby Bump Rumors Follow "Love On Top" Music Video

Beyonce love on top music video fake baby bump pregnancy
Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors keep swirling

Watch the Beyonce “Love On Top” music video and take note – Beyonce doesn’t have a baby bump!

This does little to help those pesky Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors, though her rep did say there’s no fake bump!

Conspiracy theorists will be jumping all over this one, but remember, the “Love On Top” video was likely shot before Beyonce even announced she was pregnant.

Maybe she took her prosthetic bump out just to make people keep talking about it… but why would she do that? Really?

Last week, Beyonce had her baby bump proudly on display in a black dress, sending out a message to the naysayers that there’s really a baby in there.

“Love On Top” will forever be associated with Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement – she sang it at the MTV VMAs in August before revealing her baby bump.

Of course, Beyonce should certainly draw more fire for faking something else with this video – since it looks like a rip off from the New Edition “If It Isn’t Love” music video.