Beyonce Flies To Vancouver At 9 Months Pregnant! Is She Going To Have A Canadian Baby?

Does Beyonce want a Canadian baby?

Have pillow, will travel? That seems to be Beyonce‘s motto this pregnancy as she seems to be breaking all the pregnant lady rules including flying in your third trimester.

Now before I get all these “I flew to Tokyo with a stopover in Moscow at 37 weeks pregnant” comments give yourself a nice pat on the back, but if Beyonce is truly nine months pregnant (she did say she was six months pregnant back on Sept. 23), there’s no way any doctor would advise her to follow her husband on a tour stop to Vancouver from New York City. Something just isn’t right with the math here.

A few media outlets and Twitter updates have reported that Beyonce and her Ikea pillow bump were spotted while out and about in Vancouver. According to People magazine, a source who spotted the megastar said that she looked uber happy and comfortable spending her hard earned cash in Canadian dollars.

What do you think? Is this not the craziest celebrity pregnancy ever? Plus, shouldn’t she be checking-in with her doctor every week at this stage of her pregnancy? Hold on, your comments have just answered that question for me: she’s so rich she can have her private doctor travel with her everywhere she goes.

Oh, to be rich and famous!


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