Beyonce Has Looked 6 Months Pregnant For The Past 3 Months (Photos)

Six months pregnant for six months?

Beyonce and her pregnancy has this blogger all confused. One moment she’s five months pregnant, the next she’s eight and then she’s not pregnant at all. Her due date changes from February to January and then to December with her bump going from perfectly round to crunched, folded and squashed and then all round like a beach ball again.

Wouldn’t it be great if the very private Beyonce would just clarify all of this (and lift up her shirt) about the details on her very public pregnancy? It surely didn’t help when Queen Bey made matters even worse when a video appeared on YouTube with her stating that she was 6 months along back on Sept. 23. (Yet in early August she had a flat stomach and during the MTV Video Music Awards she looked to be about 3 months).

Looking at these pictures, it sure does look like Beyonce has been six months pregnant for about three months. Do you think Beyonce should just come clear about her pregnancy since she’s basically thrown it out on us with that diva-like announcement back in August? Do you think she owes us answers or should we just let her be?

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    Beyonce hasn't changed much in the past three months.
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    In fact, she has been looking six months pregnant for the last three months.
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    We haven't seen much growth in her belly now have we? (at least compared to Jessica Simpson).
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    Beyonce looks to be all belly though.
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    How lucky can a girl get.
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    What do you think?
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    Do you believe in the conspiracy theories?
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    Do you think Bey has been honest with the public about her pregnancy?



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