Beyonce Heat Commercial: Too Hot to Handle?


Beyonce’s new and first fragrance, Heat, has become a hot topic as of late, but not because of how nice (or not) it smells — do we even care how it smells? Probably not, but the commercial seems to be something we do care about.

The ad for Beyonce’s fragrance is everything you would expect it to be. It consists of about 60 seconds of Beyonce walking around, scantily clad in a red dress that seems to be slipping off her body inch by inch. It’s hot and sweaty and all things sexy, but is it too much?

The UK thinks so — they have already banned the ad from daytime television. But with a name like “Heat,” Beyonce didn’t leave much room for any commercial approach other than extreme sexiness. That’s not entirely off-base either — sex sells, doesn’t it? And I mean, she could have gone all pyromaniac on us with flames everywhere! If she had, I wonder what our reactions would have been, or if that would have been deemed okay as opposed to this. Besides, doesn’t daytime television have the perfect target audience for a product or a commercial such as this one? At least it wasn’t being aired during prime-time hours.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I can’t say I’m surprised with the way Beyonce’s commericial turned out. Are you? Scope the vid here.

-Marisa DeSisto