Beyonce Hides Blue Ivy's Face From the Paparazzi! (Photos)

beyonce, blue ivy
Beyonce carried Blue Ivy into their Brooklyn home!

Queen B knows how to protect her young.

Beyonce was spotted with her adorable baby daughter Blue Ivy on Tuesday (April 17) as the mother-daughter duo arrived home in Brooklyn.

As we reported earlier, a photo of Blue Ivy’s face will go for a reported $500,000! It’s no wonder that the paparazzi are so relentless on Beyonce and her baby cub.

In a number of the photos below, you can see Beyonce unapologetically covering Blue’s head with both of her hands as her bodyguard directs them inside.

Take a look at the photos below and tell us if you can spot Blue Ivy’s pretty little face!

  • Home At Last 1 of 10
    Home At Last
    Beyonce and new baby Blue Ivy Carter arrive with the protective help of a bodyguard at their Brooklyn destination.
  • A Little Help 2 of 10
    A Little Help
    With some help from her bodyguard, Beyonce slowly gets off the moving van with her baby in tow.
  • Tropical Colors 3 of 10
    Tropical Colors
    Beyonce is dressed according to spring. What do you think of her look?
  • Sunglasses 4 of 10
    Beyonce has been wearing sunglasses lately. Maybe she is trying to shield all the flashes?
  • Mommy’s Love 5 of 10
    Mommy's Love
    Beyonce holds on to Blue tightly, showing off her blue nail polish.
  • Jay-Z Goes Missing 6 of 10
    Jay-Z Goes Missing
    We love Jay-Z, but where is he during these outings?
  • Queen B 7 of 10
    Queen B
    Beyonce is the ultimate celebrity mom!
  • Hiding The Goods 8 of 10
    Hiding The Goods
    Beyonce strategically hid her baby's face from the paparazzi.
  • No Face Photos! 9 of 10
    No Face Photos!
    Beyonce made sure there was not an ounce of Blue's face showing.
  • Price Of Class 10 of 10
    Price Of Class
    Rumor has it that a face photo of Beyonce's baby is worth $500,000! How do I become a paparazzi?

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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