Beyonce Knowles Gave Up Her Life For Us


beyonce-baby-life-pregnantI’m really starting to feel for Beyonce and her lost youth. She says she’s going to take some time this next year for herself. Perhaps she’ll even be taking time to have a baby with her husband Jay Z.

What is this lost youth I speak of? It’s none other than Beyonce’s own words. She says she sacrificed life. What, what, what?

Beyonce said, “I just sacrificed life. Being able to walk down the street and being able to make mistakes and not have it recorded for ever.

“Being able to have regular relationships and dates. Just regular, normal things that people probably don’t even think about. Sometimes it’s hard.”

“I haven’t had longer than a couple of months off ever in my life, since I was 15.”

It makes me cry, no really, it does. If she really wanted time for herself she would just take the rest of her life to really enjoy life. She has enough money to.  That’s what I would do.

Maybe it’s the fame that she likes. If so, then she should just shut her mouth on the whole ‘poor me’ line of thought. I for one am tired of hearing it.

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