Beyonce Not Speaking To Dad Over Love Child, May Dump Him As Her Manager


Beyonce Knowles is one of those celebritys whom you assume has the perfect life. She has a stellar career, solid relationship with her husband Jay-Z, seems to have her head on her shoulders and is beautiful looking. But not all is well when it comes to her family.

Beyonce has always had a super strong relationship with her parents. Her dad Matthew Knowles has functioned as her manager since the beginning of her career  and her mother Tina Knowles used to make her costumes for Destiny’s Child before launching her own brand with B, House of Dereon. Tina and Matthew divorced in 2009, but scandal has plagued them since, creating a rift between Beyonce and her father that is harming her career.

Matthew was involved in a paternity suit last year and the results are in. He did indeed father a child with actress Alexsandra Wright while he was still married to Tina. Now, Beyonce doesn’t want anything to do with him and the two aren’t even talking!

A  music industry insider tells Page Six, “Beyoncé was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. Some people at Columbia now think it would be better to move him aside.”

It’s been revealed that Matthew had an affair with baby mama Alexandra for a year and half while still married and now pays a whopping $8,200 a month in child support. Whether or not Beyonce will drop her father as her manager remains to be seen. If they’re not speaking it has to be hard to discuss business. She’s a big name and can work with anyone in the industry. Seems like it would be better for her to move on and keep family and personal life separate at this point.


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