Beyonce Planning Two Albums For 2012: Will Take No Maternity Leave

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Beyonce is planning two albums for 2012.

She may have given birth to the Messiah, but Beyonce is not planning on taking a maternity leave as she’s plotting two albums for 2012!

Singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder told the BoomBox during Sunday’s Grammy ceremony that the singer was readying two projects for 2012.

“The conversations about her next album literally just started and there [are] two projects happening,” the OneRepublic frontman said. “All I can say is you kind of feed her the best that you have and she’s this phenomenal filter and she takes it all in.”

Tedder says he is submitting songs about motherhood. There are no details about the “second project,” but rumors speculate that it will be a soundtrack to her upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed update of “A Star Is Born.”

Even though her last effort, 4, wasn’t a blockbuster smash, it did sell 1.1 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The songs from the album weren’t exactly radio-friendly pop hits. And don’t expect her next album to be any different.

“She’s not interested in 2012, [she’s interested in] what’s [going to sound good for] 2013,” he revealed. “Without question, she steers the ship. [With] Beyoncé, you just let her go, she’s ridiculous, she’s the best.”

What do you think of Beyonce having two albums in 2012?