Beyonce Pregnant! 3 Reasons Why She'll Make A Great Mom


Beyonce KnowlesPeople have been trying to get Beyonce pregnant for years, but apparently Jay Z finally accomplished the deed.  Magazines, tabloids and gossip sites have been trying to spot an semblance of a baby bump on the bootylicious babe for years. There have been many false alarms, and baby unsubstantiated rumors, but now it looks like this bun in the oven is for real. And people couldn’t be happier. Here are three reasons why she’ll make a fabulous mother.

Great role model Beyonce is a great role model for young ladies everywhere. She is poised, confident and smart. A triple threat (beyond her singing, dancing, acting triple threat). She’s a wonderful influence on any daughter or son, especially her own.

Close with her mother You can tell a lot about a woman and how they will be as a mother when you look at her relationship with her own mom.  Beyonce is extremely close with her mom collaborating on costumes, tours and their own clothing line House of Deron. Will Beyonce’s child have that same kind of bond with their mom, odds are they will.

Great resources One thing about being super duper rich, she’ll be able to buy her child the finest education, travel and life experiences. Not that money buys happiness but it sure doesn’t hurt!

Photo: PR Web

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