Beyonce Pregnant: Feels Free and "Empowered"

Beyonce pregnant bump watch baby
Beyonce talks about the joys of pregnancy

Beyonce is feeling pretty great about her pregnancy thus far.

Beyonce had this to say to ET Canada in a new interview: “It’s been great. I feel free. I feel very empowered.”

Bey is living on cloud 9 and looking oh-so fabulous (you must check out these Beyonce bump watch photos at her fragrance launch!).

Seems pregnancy agrees with Beyonce, which has me guessing that she hasn’t had any morning sickness (or if she did, she must be beyond it now).

Beyonce also spoke about her decision to do the big baby bump reveal at the VMAs: “I was just wondering how it’s going to be when one day I am pregnant and everyone’s like, ‘Oh god, I don’t want to hear this again.’ But I’m happy that people were happy and I actually didn’t announce it in a statement. I said it’s better to just show everyone.”

Knowles also shared that while pregnant, “I smell everything,” she says. “If it smells bad I smell it, if it smells great I love it.”

Did you have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy?