Beyonce Really Loves Blue: The Baby AND the Color (Photos)

Beyonce is Blue

Beyonce, she has been feeling pretty blue lately. But not in a gloomy, sad, or somber way. She’s as cheery as ever. She is totally immersed in a whole world of blue, baby Blue Ivy that is.  And she isn’t just embracing her baby, she is embracing the color blue as well.

Each time we’ve seen Beyonce out and about since Blue was born, Beyonce has donned some kind of blue hue be it in her choice of dress, her jewelry or her nail polish.

Check out Beyonce embracing the blue right here:

  • Beyonce’s Blue Nails 1 of 6
    Beyonce's Blue Nails
    Beyonce has been sporting a bright blue nail polish on numerous occasions lately.
  • Her Blue Dress 2 of 6
    Her Blue Dress
    Beyonce wore a deep blue dress to go dine with the First Lady.
  • The Jewels 3 of 6
    The Jewels
    Beyonce wore a stunning blue bracelet and earrings to go see hubby Jay-Z in concert.
  • The Ring 4 of 6
    The Ring
    And then there is that ring! Now that is one big blue rock.
  • Blue Jeans 5 of 6
    Blue Jeans
    And for a more casual look? Blue jeans of course!
  • Before Blue was Born 6 of 6
    Before Blue was Born
    But Beyonce was sporting blue even before Blue was born, here is Beyonce pregnant before the birth of her baby.

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