Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump in Countdown! (Video + Photos)

Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump!

Beyonce certainly isn’t trying to hide that baby bump of hers. The very proud baby to be is showing it off where ever she can be it the MTV Music Awards, Fashion Week or – in her newest baby bump statement – her new music video for her song, the aptly named Countdown.

In this 60s inspired video Beyonce didn’t go with ruffles, tiers or other bump hiding techniques. For most of the video she wore skin tight outfits and in one shot is seen caressing her growing belly!

Check out these shots plus a 30 second teaser clip from the video here:

  • Beyonce Countdown 1 of 5
    Beyonce Countdown
    Beyonce rubs her belly!
  • Beyonce Countdown 2 of 5
    Beyonce Countdown
    Beyonce busting out the leotards.
  • Beyonce Countdown 3 of 5
    Beyonce Countdown
    A new look for Beyonce in this video.
  • Beyonce Countdown 4 of 5
    Beyonce Countdown
    Very Audrey Hepburn don't you think?
  • Beyonce Countdown 5 of 5
    Beyonce Countdown
    Beyonce is counting down for baby time!

Photos: Via YouTube

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