Beyonce Shows Us Blue Ivy's Face And She Looks Just Like Her Daddy Jay-Z!

Bey and Blue

Protective mama Beyonce has finally given us a little glimpse of her 7-month-old daughter’s face, and OMG is she a cutie! In an unguarded moment, Beyonce and Blue Ivy were spotted in New York City today while the two were out and about with Bey’s bodyguards.

Dressed in a cute little romper you can totally tell that little Blue look just like her famous daddy, Jay-Z. Considering the fact that she is getting bigger and bigger, it’s going to be hard for Bey Bey to continue covering up her daughter’s face as the paparazzi will no doubt get a good picture of her and her adorable cheeks.

Check out the photo here and let us know what you think! Do you think Blue looks more like her dad or her mom?