Beyonce vs. Jessica Simpson: Which Singer Will Pop First?

beyonce jessica simpson
Beyonce/Jessica Simpson

Beyonce and Jessica Simpson have more in common than being singers these days, that’s for sure! Both of these ladies are pregnant with their first child, and they actually appear to be at about the same point in their pregnancies.

Speculation around when Jessica and Beyonce will give birth has been running wild over the past couple weeks. So…which one of these talented singers will pop first?

If I had to put money on it, I’m guessing that Beyonce will become a mom before Jessica. Despite being seen out in New York City on Thursday night still sporting a baby bump, there have been rumors that Beyonce will give birth at New York’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital any day now. Some reports even suggested that she had already given birth before New Year’s, which we obviously know to be false now.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, looks like she is at the end of her pregnancy, but is she? Jessica was in New York City the first week of December, and now she’s back home in Los Angeles. Pregnant women are not supposed to fly on airplanes during their last trimester, so if Jessica was flying last month and she’s due soon, then that would put her in the air right around eight months. Jessica wouldn’t likely put her own health or that of her baby in danger, so chances are that if she did fly during her final trimester, it was right at the very beginning. That would mean she probably has another few or so to go.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we’ll see a mini-Beyonce or mini-Simpson first?