Beyonce Wants A Large Family By the Age of 40

beyonce, beyonce pregnant
Beyonce hopes to have a large family by the age of 40.

Remember when Beyonce said she would retire at the age of 30? Well, the pop diva is now at that age and there are no signs of slowing down. Unless, of course, you consider being pregnant with your first child a deterrent towards a fast-track career. And now, she’s making new goals and predictions for where she’ll be at 40-years-old.

Beyonce is currently expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z, but she is already dishing about how much she’d love to have a larger family.

“I have always said that I want to have all my children by the time I am 40, so there’s still a lot of time left,” the mom-to-be says. “There is an attraction for sure about having a large family, but we will just have to see what we are blessed with.”

What do you think? How many kids will Beyonce have by age 40?

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