Beyonce's Baby Bump Has Nothing On Jennifer Garner's! (Photos)


jennifer garner, jennifer garner pregnant
Jennifer Garner has a BIG baby bump!

Beyonce may have the baby bump everyone is watching, but Jennifer Garner looks to be in pain when it comes to have a large pregnancy belly!

Even though Garner isn’t set to give birth until at least February (she’s having a boy with Ben Affleck), she looks full-term as of today!

I’m telling you – Beyonce’s bump has nothing on Jen’s belly. Below, take a look at the photos for yourself!

  • Baby Bump Debut! 1 of 16
    Baby Bump Debut!
    Jen stepped out of the car, exposing her baby bump!
  • Caught By the Paparazzi 2 of 16
    Caught By the Paparazzi
    Yes, Jen, the paparazzi love you.
  • What Are You Looking At? 3 of 16
    What Are You Looking At?
    But does Jen love the paparazzi?
  • Close-Up! 4 of 16
    They sure know how to get a close-up of her.
  • Do this Angle Flatter Me? 5 of 16
    Do this Angle Flatter Me?
    At least she looks good from all angles.
  • Husband and Wife 6 of 16
    Husband and Wife
    Ben shows up on camera and they both look to be entering a friend's house.
  • Daddy’s Not Happy 7 of 16
    Daddy's Not Happy
    Ben doesn't seem too happy with the paparazzi.
  • Come Closer 8 of 16
    Come Closer
    He pulls Jen closer to him.
  • Pretend They’re Not Here 9 of 16
    Pretend They're Not Here
    And has her ignore the cameras.
  • See You Later! 10 of 16
    See You Later!
    Jen and Ben escape into the house.
  • And They’re Back 11 of 16
    And They're Back
    Moments later, they come back out.
  • Long Shaggy Hair 12 of 16
    Long Shaggy Hair
    What's with Ben's long hair? Let's hope this is for a new movie.
  • Scarves Cover Baby Bumps 13 of 16
    Scarves Cover Baby Bumps
    Jen always seems to be wearing scarves over her baby bump. Is she self conscious?
  • About To Burst! 14 of 16
    About To Burst!
    Jen looks ready to pop!
  • Almost Full Term 15 of 16
    Almost Full Term
    She is probably 8 months pregnant at this point. She's due in February.
  • Beyonce Watch Out! 16 of 16
    Beyonce Watch Out!
    Beyonce's bump has nothing on this one!

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