Beyonce's Baby Gender Is Revealed!

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Beyonce has revealed the gender of her baby!

Ever since Beyonce announced she was pregnant with her first child, all eyes have been on her and husband Jay-Z. Whether they’re on a tropical vacation or at the US Open, we can’t get enough of these parents-to-be. And that’s why when the gender of their baby was revealed, we definitely got excited.

Unfortunately, only a select few have been told the gender including Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles.

Solange says her big sister told her the gender of the baby in her bump and revealed that the couple is already thinking about names!

We’re dying to know the gender ourselves, but knowing a few people know brings us that much closer to the big reveal!

What gender do you want the baby to be?

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    Here Beyonce is a week before announcing she was pregnant.
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    It's hard to believe that we missed this baby bump!
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    Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a girl!
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    Beyonce's baby can expect some pink Christian Louboutin booties!
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    Solange first admitted to knowing the gender of the baby.
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    Beyonce's maternity wear is the most sought after this season.
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    Beyonce introduces her baby bump to the world for the first time.
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    Fans went ecstatic when they found out Beyonce was pregnant!

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]