Beyonce's Baby Nursery Will Be Bigger Than Most People's Homes!

Beyonce's baby will have a posh nursery.

Celebrity parents are notorious for outfitting their children in lavish clothes and spending thousands of dollars on their bedroom furniture, but mom-to-be Beyonce is taking things one step further by building a baby nursery that will be larger than most people’s homes!

According to an insider, Beyonce and Jay-Z are turning a section of their New York City apartment into a 2,200 square foot nursery for their newest addition.

What on earth is a baby going to do with 2,200 square feet? My house is about 2,800 square feet and there are days when I think it might be too large for my family of three. Besides a crib, changing table, armoire, dresser, and rocking chair, what else does an infant need that requires that much space?

Maybe I’d think differently if I had enough cash to build a nursery like that, but to me it seems like Beyonce and Jay-Z are going a bit over the top, even for celebrities.

What do you think about the size of that baby’s room?